It’s hard to imagine an upholstery/furniture line could be started on the tailgate of a Jeep.
But that’s how it did.

An entrepreneur;  with an armful of drawings, a notebook, and a few bolts of fabric. The desire - was to build beautifully detailed upholstery  far better than what existed in 1987.  Inside and outside – the envelope could be pushed a little further – to provide better quality, and better attention to detail.

So that was 27 years ago…..
The comfort of our upholstery is still the one thing that sets us apart. We invite you to sit “IN” – and not “ON” our furniture.  The ingredients of cushion construction, materials, gauge of fillers, density and technique – all carefully shaped by hand, put CAMERON at the top of the list of connoisseur upholstery builders. Careful  hands tailor extraordinary fabrics – from a strong wool to delicate silk velvet. Expertise is used  working with variable textiles, leather, and complicated modern seaming patterns. 

Skirt/hemming/pleating/shirring/ complex trim and adornment. From a flat welt, to a tufted bow; a hand sewn bullion fringe to a specialty/exotic finish. Every conceivable detail is concise, thought out, and nothing is unintentional.  And nothing leaves our workshop unless it is exceptional.

Suitable delivery, friendly service, and the ability to put custom ideas into beautiful, custom furniture. Not that much has changed after 27 years…..